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Yellow Fever

Advice to the public

Yellow fever is a viral disease that is transmitted by several species of mosquito. It is caused by the yellow fever virus, which belongs to the Flaviviridae family. It is endemic in tropical regions of Africa and South America where the World Health Organization estimates approximately 200,000 cases occur each year, with 30,000 deaths. 

Since July 2013 there has been interruption to vaccine supplies. Please be aware if you are heading off on long haul holidays, to one of the countries where Yellow Fever Vaccination is required that this vaccine is in short supply until at least January 2014. 

There is very little vaccine available on Island and the on-going shortfall in vaccine availability cannot be helped.   If you are looking at booking a holiday to a country where yellow fever is present and vaccination is required, perhaps consider a different destination where your health would not be at such risk and the same advice applies for business travel at this time until supplies are restored. 

There are four registered Yellow Fever Vaccination Centres on the Isle of Man and you are welcome to contact any of them to discuss Yellow Fever Vaccinations. Please be aware that the four Yellow Fever Vaccination Centres locally and the Isle of Man Public Health Directorate have been working together to try to overcome the vaccine shortfall and source vaccines from alternative supplies. The vaccine shortages are worldwide. 

Your GP practice may not be a designated YFVC, so although they may provide all your other travel advice and any vaccinations you require, they won’t be able to administer Yellow Fever Vaccination.