Hailwood Medical Practice 2 Hailwood Court, Governors Hill, Douglas, IM2 7EA

Non-NHS Fees

Some services you may require are not covered by the National Health Service. These include certain certificates, examinations for fitness to participate in sports, pre-employment examinations and those for elderly drivers and HGV/PSV licences. Please confirm the fee at the time of making your appointment. We are also able to offer this service to patients who are not registered with our practice.

Current Fees

Private Medical Examinations
(as of 01/06/2018)
PSV/HGV/Taxi  £90.00
Elderly Driver£90.00
Motor Sport/Diving£160.00
per hour
per hour
per hour
Seat Belt Exemption£65.00
Sports Fitness£70.00
Private Consultations
(non UK residents)
Consultations GP£60.00
Plus Private PXs
Consultations Nurse£35.00
Plus Private PXs
Home Visit£100.00
Plus Private PXs
Telephone Consultation£20.00
Plus Private PXs
Private Sick Note£20.00
Private Px£20.00
Fitness to TravelFrom
£20.00 – £50.00
Holiday CancellationFrom
£30.00 – £90.00 
Driving Licence Application£20.00
BUPA Claim Form£80.00
General CertificatesFrom
£20.00 – £50.00
£40.00 – £80.00
Solicitor Letters£160.00
Per Hour
Private Immunisation (influenza)£20.00