Hailwood Medical Practice 2 Hailwood Court, Governors Hill, Douglas, IM2 7EA

Cancelling an Appointment

Please note we have phased out the facility to cancel appointments via our website and encourage our patients to use Patient Access to cancel any appointments they no longer need. This is because Patient Access has a direct link to our clinical system and therefore your medical record.

This method will reduce the possibilities of not only prescribing errors but will improve the services we offer. 

To register for this service, you will need to come into the practice with Photo ID (passport, driving licence etc) and request your registration details for Patient Access. Once we have checked your details and you have signed our Terms & Conditions we will supply you with a letter containing your login codes and a pin. You can then register by clicking here

If you are not currenly registered for Patient Access please call 686949 

Many Thanks for your co-operation