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Covid vaccination information

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Manx residents are being urged not to call their GPs or the Welcome Centre with questions about the NHS App, which will soon provide evidence for individuals of their Covid-19 vaccination status.

Over the last few days GP practice staff and the team at the Welcome Centre have taken an unprecedented number of phone calls on the topic. Some surgery lines have been clogged, delaying patients who are unwell being able to seek essential medical advice from their doctor.

Manx residents will be able to use the NHS App to provide evidence of their vaccination status at international borders. Development work in transferring the data to NHS Digital is still underway – a completion date for this is still to be confirmed and is beyond the Island’s control.

Residents may be able to view some of their immunisation history on the app now, but will not be able to see full details, for example the brand of Covid-19 vaccination given – and this may be a key entry requirement for many countries. Until the data transfer has taken place, the App will not provide Manx residents with the full functionality it should be able to offer in the future.

When the App is fully functional, Manx residents will be able to view their vaccination certificate in digital format on the NHS App – or request a paper version of the certificate be posted to them. Patients should not ask their GP or the Welcome Centre to provide letters confirming their vaccination status. This is not something they can provide, and such a letter is unlikely to be accepted at international borders.

For more: https://covid19.gov.im/news-releases-statements/public-urged-to-await-rollout-of-nhs-app-for-vaccination-status/