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Flu Clinics for 2017 are now open, please ask the receptionist when booking your appointment

Christmas and New Year 2018 ( posted on Dec 13, 2017 )

Christmas and New Year 2018


Repeat Prescription information and Opening times 

please click here

Meals on Wheels ( posted on Dec 5, 2017 )

More choice, better value and additional
services made available to Meals on Wheels customers


An information leaflet outlining the options available to customers of the Meals on Wheels service has been distributed.


The move fulfils a pledge made by the Department of Health and Social Care, on the announcement it was to end its £150,000-a-year contract with Age Concern Isle of Man, to issue the information before the end of November.


Following an open advert for meal providers to feature in the leaflet, two businesses expressed a wish to be included. The leaflet, which is also available online, explains the meal options available and details a number of additional services and benefits not currently available via Meals on Wheels:


  • Freedom of choice for the customer in selecting the meals they want
  • Ability to cater to special dietary requirements
  • Delivery service for groceries and other consumables
  • Free delivery subject to a minimum order, which could significantly reduce costs for Meals on Wheels customers


Member for the Department of Health and Social Care, Jason Moorhouse MHK, said: ‘The decision to end the contract and stop funding the delivery of Meals on Wheels was considered very carefully, and one of the main reasons was the emerging presence of firms which were able to provide similar services at a similar price, but at no cost to the taxpayer.


‘Looking through what the businesses are able to offer, I hope people will agree that the range of meals and products being made available compares well and even exceeds what is currently being offered, and all at extremely competitive prices.


‘Support is available for anyone who requires help in deciding the best package for them – we have staff who would be happy to speak to them on the phone or pay them a visit.


‘Also, social workers and community health workers will continue to visit many current recipients of the Meals on Wheels service, to heat up meals and check on their general wellbeing, exactly as they already do.’


DHSC funding to Age Concern Isle of Man will end on 12 January 2018.


Anyone who has any queries or would like more information should contact Adult Social Care by telephoning 686179.

GPs to attend final education session of 2017 ( posted on Dec 5, 2017 )

Tuesday 5 December


Island’s GPs to attend final education session of 2017


The fourth and final GP education session of 2017 will take place on Tuesday 12 December.


Routine GP appointments will not be available that afternoon, however urgent appointments will be available through on-call GPs and anyone needing to see a doctor should ring their GP practice as normal.


Practices will remain open during the afternoon for patients to collect test results, make future appointments and order repeat prescriptions as normal.


The quarterly education sessions were established in 2012 to give GPs the opportunity to discuss developments in medical care and best practice, and to examine ways to enhance care for patients in the Isle of Man.

( posted on Sep 11, 2017 )

Flu Clinics for 2017 are now open - please speak to the receptionists or call the surgery to book your appointment on 686949














( posted on Jul 31, 2017 )


The number of people signed up to the text message reminder service for outpatient appointments at Noble’s Hospital and Ramsey and District Cottage Hospital is now 5,788.


Appointments are still being missed, however, and the Department of Health and Social Care is urging more residents to sign up and stay informed.


While patients continue to receive appointment letters by post, the DHSC stopped sending out reminder letters in March this year as a cost-saving measure following the successful implementation of the text message reminder service in October 2016.


The shift in policy was made in light of substantial evidence from the UK and further afield that text reminders are successful in reducing the number of people who fail to attend hospital clinics.


The latest figures from the DHSC indicate that this trend is being replicated in the Isle of Man, with non-attendance figures for those who had not signed up to text message reminders standing at 4.4% and those who had at 2.8%.


Patients using the service are sent a text three days before an appointment, confirming the time and date, which means they have the opportunity to attend or rearrange. To take advantage of this service, patients must opt in.


Patients can opt in to the free text messaging service in the following ways:

  • Call the dedicated number 651651 or email NoblesSMSRegistration@gov.im providing their name, date of birth and mobile phone number, and confirming that they wish to sign up to text alerts
  • Sign up at the main reception areas in Noble’s Hospital and Ramsey and District Cottage Hospital
  • Sign up during their next clinic appointment at either hospital


Dr Jugnu Mahajan, Medical Director for the Isle of Man, said: ‘We are really pleased with how many people are now using the text messaging reminder service– but urge more to sign up to help keep bringing the number of missed appointments down and enable hospital staff to make the best use of clinic capacity.’

( posted on Jul 26, 2017 )



News Release


  26 June 2017


Public reminder of need for travel insurance when visiting EU countries


The public is being reminded that insurance for healthcare is recommended for anyone traveling off the Isle of Man – including to the United Kingdom (UK) and the European Union (EU).


The Department of Health and Social Care regularly receives enquiries from the public about obtaining a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which is not available to Isle of Man residents. 


The EHIC is only available to residents of countries within the European Economic Area (EEA)* and Switzerland and gives them the right to access state-provided healthcare during a temporary stay in another country within the scheme.  The Isle of Man is not part of the UK, a member of the EU or of the EEA, so people living on the Island are not – and never have been – eligible to use the scheme.


Minister for Health and Social Care Kate Beecroft MHK said: ‘With the summer holiday period approaching, please take the time to think about health insurance when traveling off-Island. 


‘Having adequate cover is recommended, even for trips to the UK, as the Reciprocal Healthcare Agreement between the UK and the Isle of Man only covers emergency treatment. It does not cover any extended care or repatriation to the Isle of Man.’


The Isle of Man only has reciprocal agreements for healthcare with the UK and a very small number of non-EU countries, and only for emergency care, so most medical treatment must be paid for when visiting any other country, either by insurance or by the individual.


Further information and advice on insurance cover for overseas travel is available at www.gov.im/travelinsurance.


*Members of the EEA are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK.

( posted on Jul 26, 2017 )


News Release



26 July 2017


Save money with a pre-paid prescription certificate


The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) is reminding residents of the benefits of pre-paid certificates for prescriptions (PPC).


The certificates enable people to reduce the cost of prescription charges, which currently stand at £3.85 an item. They are available to provide full cover over periods of four months and 12 months, and cost £19 and £54 respectively.


An application for a PPC can be backdated by up to a week and refunds are available on the production of an NHS receipt.


Those who choose to use a pre-payment certificate should make a note of the expiry date and apply for a renewal in plenty of time as reminders are not issued by the DHSC.


Application forms are available at pharmacies and online here.


Patients collecting prescriptions are asked to show their pre-payment certificate or any exemption certificate at the pharmacy.


For more information on pre-payment or exemptions, contact Family Practitioner Services by calling 642694 or email familypractitionerservices.dh@gov.im

Medicines Waste ( posted on May 15, 2017 )

News Release


Crookall House

Demesne Road

Isle of Man


12 May 2017


New campaign aims to reduce medicines waste


A campaign has been launched today by the Department of Health and Social Care, in partnership with the Island’s pharmacists, to reduce the amount of medicines wasted in the Isle of Man.


With the slogan “Don’t need it?  Don’t order it.” the campaign aims to raise awareness about the cost of wasted medicines as well as educate the public about the potential risks of stockpiling medication.


Minister for Health and Social Care, Kate Beecroft MHK, was present to launch the campaign at Lloyds Pharmacy at Shoprite on Victoria Road: “Last year in the Isle of Man, excluding Noble’s Hospital, 1.6 million prescription medications were funded by the health service at a cost over £16 million – a very significant sum of money which we want to ensure is spent wisely and only on what is needed.  We estimate that as much as £300,000 a year of this is wasted, money that could be used to fund other vital health and social care services.


“We know a considerable amount of medicines are returned to pharmacies for disposal, many often unopened.  These cannot be reused or recycled and have to be destroyed, which means the money spent on them has been completely wasted.  The message today is clear: we want the public to ‘do their bit’ and think carefully about whether they need the medicines they order – if you don’t need it, don’t order it.


“This is an important campaign, and fits with the first goal of our five year strategy which is to help everyone take greater responsibility for their own health. We have already introduced Patient Access, the online GP service which allows people to view their prescribed medications, order repeat medications and track whether they have been authorised, and today’s announcement is a further development.”


Approximately 90% of prescription medication that is dispensed in the Isle of Man is done so without a charge as many people are exempt such as children, those of state pension age and people with certain long term conditions.  Those who do pay a fee are in fact only making a contribution of £3.85 towards the cost.  The average price for a medicine is £12 per item, but the actual cost varies widely.  For example, some inhalers can cost as much as £60 each and specialist drugs can cost hundreds of pounds each and every time they are prescribed and dispensed.


Safety is another important aspect of the campaign, as Joe McQuaid, Superintendent Pharmacist for Lloyds, explained: “With the convenience of repeat prescriptions it’s easy for a person’s supply of medication to quickly build up, for example by reordering every item on a repeat prescription without checking if they’re all needed or perhaps worrying if an item isn’t ordered each time that it will be removed, which isn’t the case. 

Help Keep Antibotics keep working ( posted on Feb 14, 2017 )

Please see below for the latest press release








for more information

New Doctor ( posted on Jan 5, 2017 )



we are happy to announce that we have a new GP starting with us on 1st Feb 2017

Dr Gray has been on the island for a few months acting as a locum and

we are delighted to welcome him to our team.



( posted on Oct 25, 2016 )

Department of Health and Social Care 

Rheynn Slaynt as Kiarail y Theay


News Release


Crookall House

Demesne Road

Isle of Man


14 October 2016


Latest upgrade to Patient Access puts records and results online 


New features are being rolled-out for Patient Access, the online service that enables individuals to view their GP records via the internet.


By the end of October 2016 registered users will automatically be able to see all information about their interaction with their GP, with the exception of any GP notes and other correspondence.  This means users will have access to details of their appointments, symptoms, diagnoses, medical treatment, medication and test results.


The new service will deliver all laboratory test results to Patient Access users at the same time as they are reviewed and actioned by their GP.


This means users will have details of results including blood tests and pathology findings without having to wait for the next GP appointment or contact from their doctor. Doctors will also have the ability to write a message which the patient can see, for example ‘these test results are fine’ to ensure patients can easily understand the information.


The new services are in addition to the current functions available through Patient Access. These allow users to do any of the following at any time of the day or night:


•       View, book and cancel any routine GP appointments

•       View and order repeat medications – and track whether they have been authorised

•       View immunisations, prescribed medications and allergies

•       Share their whole GP record with a clinician or relative for a 24 hour period.


All users can view the service on laptops, home computers and mobile devices, either through a web connection or by using the easily downloadable app for Apple and Android devices.


Commenting on the new range of services now available through Patient Access, Annmarie Cubbon, Head of Primary Care Commissioned Services, said: “This really is a superb leap forward for Patient Access and proves just how seriously we believe that patients should be given greater control and improved accessibility. These changes mean that not only will patients be able to book appointments and manage their own prescriptions, but they can review their complete GP record at any time they want.


“And for those who have ongoing laboratory tests, perhaps a diabetic who regularly attends a blood clinic, they will be able to monitor their own results without waiting for updates every time from their GP. That’s really putting patients in control.”


Richard Wild, Chief Information and Digital Officer, echoed her comments. He said: “This is another example of Government’s Digital Strategy making a real difference in people’s lives. The whole strategy is built around the commitment to improving the quality of all Government digital services, and to making sure that they are easy, simple and swift to use. Patient Access marks another important step forward.”


At the same time as this upgrade to the service, there has been an agreement to make at least 50% of all appointments available online from all GP surgeries, up from the previously agreed figure of 25%. All appointments remain bookable through non-digital routes as well.



FLU Clinics 2016 ( posted on Sep 19, 2016 )


Flu Clinic,s 2016 are now open.  Remember to make an appointment at reception or phone 686949.      (These are now availablve to the patients falling into the clinically at risk categories) 

( posted on Aug 1, 2016 )


What is Patient Access?

With Patient Access, you can now access our GP services at home, work or on the move — wherever you can connect to the internet. What's more, because Patient Access is a 24 hour online service you can do this in your own time, day or night. Patient Access is also available on a mobile app which is free for iOS and Android users.  If you register with Patient Access the following facilities are available to you -




  • Book a GP appointment
  • View your appointments
  • Cancel your appointments
  • Order repeat prescriptions and check the progress
  • View your immunisation history
  • View your recorded allergies
  • View your medical history



How do I register?




To register for this service, you will need to come into the practice with Photo ID (passport, driving licence etc) and request your registration details for Patient Access. Once we have checked your details and you have signed our Terms & Conditions we will supply you with a letter containing your login codes and a pin. You can then register by clicking here


Please note we will be phasing out our repeat prescription service on our website and encourage our patients to use Patient Access to order their medication. This is because Patient Access has a direct link to our clinical system and therefore your medical record. This method will reduce the possibilities of prescribing errors and will improve the service we offer. If you don't currently order your prescriptions online but have access to the Internet it would be worthwhile signing up for Patient Access! 





Is my information secure?


All information that is sent to our surgery via Patient Access is secure. Your personal details are encrypted and protected using the highest standard internet security, so it cannot be intercepted. Only you and your GP surgery are able to see this information.







Please remember to bring your photo ID when you come to the practice to register for this service as we can not activate your Patient Access account without it!


Old and New ( posted on Jun 15, 2016 )

As most of you are aware by now, One of our Doctors is off on new adventures soon.

Dr James joined the surgery when it was in Woodbourne Road 25 years ago and we are sure has seen lots of changes since then.  He will be leaving us towards the end of June and we would like to wish him all the very best for the future and to say a big thank you for all his help during those years.



We are lucky enough to have found a replacement for Dr James straight away and would like to

send a warm welcolme to Dr Devaraj.

Dr Deveraj has a vast amount of experience and specialises in minor surgery, joint injections and emergency medicine. He will be starting with us on the 4th July.





MINOR AILMENTS SCHEME ( posted on Mar 21, 2016 )

New for 2016- Minor Ailments scheme

Please see attached for further details of this new service for quick access regarding

treatment for minor ailments


Poster 2016


Minor Ailments scheme 2016



Appointment Cancellation ( posted on Oct 14, 2015 )

We now have another way for you to contact us it you need to cancel your appointment


you can text:  325114 and just quote your name, Date of Birth  and the date of your appointment


It really will be appreciated by the Doctors and others waiting for an appointment


(please note this number will not be responded to in any way)



Vaccination Changes MenACWY & Shingles ( posted on Aug 5, 2015 )

News Release       Changes to vaccination programme please click on the link for more information on meningitis vaccination here   and for the shingles vaccination, here 

ONLINE -Patient Access ( posted on Apr 28, 2015 )

Would you like to be able to book appointments , order repeat prescriptions, see your immunistations and allergies, change contact details and address, all online,  then register for Patient access.Please mention it the reception on you next vist and as long as you have photo ID and are aged over 16, the receptionist can issue you with a secure PIN number, which allows to register for the above.Please click here for more information




( posted on Mar 25, 2015 )

Based on feedback received during 2014, we now have an Action Plan for 2015. Many Thanks to the Patient Participation group for all their ideas and suggestions, it is very much appreciated.   Advertising the Website facilities in the surgery has seen an increase the ordering of repeat prescriptions by 48% which is great news and we hope to see this increasing further during the year.   Please see Action Plan 2015 for the update or click here            

( posted on Mar 25, 2015 )

The Isle of Man Friends And Family Survey ( posted on Jan 27, 2015 )   Have your say on what we're getting right and what we could do better. It will help us improve our services for everyone. It won't take long and you won't be asked your name. Please click on www.tinyurl.com/iomgp  to take part in the survey. Thank you!

GO LIVE ( posted on Nov 3, 2014 )


This practice is due to "go live" with the new Island wide clinical computer system on November 19th


There may be some disruption in the days leading up to and just after this update  therefore we would be grateful if anyone ordering repeat prescriptions could allow extra  time,(48 hours) just in case of any unexpected problems.



As you can imagine this is a huge task for us all ,so your patience during the changeover and for a while afterwards will be most appreciated.


Thank you


Cathy Poultney

Practice Manager

PRESS RELEASE ( posted on Jul 8, 2014 )


Joint Statement by the Isle of Man GPs and the Dept of Health


A decision has recently been made by GPs on the Isle of Man to upgrade their current IT system in October 2014 from EMIS PCS, which is becoming unsupported, to EMIS Web.

The IOM GPs upgrade to EMIS Web, along with the recently approved replacement IT system within Noble’s Hospital, will demonstrate significant progress on the Department’s strategy to move further towards a complete set of electronic records which will facilitate integration within Health and Social Care.

By using appropriate industry led systems, the Department’s vision is to allow clinicians delivering patient care to have access to the most appropriate and up to date patient information at all times. More importantly such information will be managed securely and centred round patient consent which in turn can be fully audited and validated.

The new version of the GP system, EMIS Web, is the market leading GP system in the UK and will provide many additional enhancements over and above the 7 year old existing system. The new system will improve efficiency within GP Practices in the pursuit of patient care and will form a core foundation in the drive to facilitate a joined up patient care experience.


How does EMIS Web work?


All patient data entered on a system is encrypted and sent electronically over the NHS N3 network to the EMIS Web system, hosted in the secure EMIS data centre.




The upgrade to EMIS Web necessitates data being located in a secure Datacentre environment held by EMIS in the UK. The data held is offered maximum protection in a strict secure environment. Each GP Practices data is held separately within an NHS approved structure and is the same environment as used by many thousands of GPs across the UK.

Data is transmitted across the NHS N3 network and is encrypted (scrambled) in transit.

The data is stored in EMIS data centres. These, along with EMIS data storage and management procedures adhere and are fully accredited to the ISO 27001 information security standards. EMIS currently host over 26 million patient records.

The system will be fully compliant with both Data Protection and Privacy legislation.

EMIS will not be able to grant anyone access to patient records and



What will happen out of hours?


the GPs themselves will remain in complete control of access to patient data for patients within their own individual GP Practices at all times, underpinned by sharing agreements with the Practices.

Part of this upgrade will focus on providing access to the GP IT system for GPs working in an emergency out of hours setting (Manx Emergency Doctor Service - MEDS) – again realising the Department’s vision of joined up patient care driven by patient consent.


Will my information be shared with anyone locally?


There are opportunities to extend across all GP Practices, the current arrangements for patient data to be shared with other appropriate clinicians. A patient must give consent for their data to be shared with other clinicians. There are two types of patient consent; prior and point of contact consent. Point of contact consent means users in organisations providing episodic care (such as Accident and Emergency (A&E), or out of hours GP care (MEDS)) are prompted to confirm patient consent to view the shared record when they access a patient’s care record. All viewing of the record is recorded in the system audit trail. Prior consent could be arranged between the GP Practice and an individual organisation, in relation to particular organisation’s case load, for example the Diabetic Clinic could be given prior access to appropriate data.

By default, only users in the GP Practice that own a record can view that record.

Subject to mutual agreement, GPs can share records with others when providing care for the same patient, for example a District Nurse who is treating a patient in a home setting.

GPs can use confidentiality policies to restrict the viewing of and access to a patient record, or to individual items within a record.

Although patients cannot opt out of their data being held by EMIS on behalf of their registered GP, individual patients can opt out of their record being shared with other organisations.

Statistical information will remain available to the Department. This does not contain any patient identifiable information.


Will my data be shared with anyone in the UK?



Demographic information: name, address, registered GP, NHS number for IOM patients is already held on the UK NHS Spine. Clinical information relating to Isle of Man patients receiving treatment in the UK is already held on the UK NHS Spine. Clinical information relating to patients treated on the Isle of Man is not held on the UK NHS Spine.


Can individual patients opt out of EMIS Web?

The implementation of EMIS Web should not be confused with the recently publicised CARE.Data project in the UK. Clinical Information relating to treatment given in the Isle of Man will not be released to the CARE.Data project and the EMIS system upgrade on the Isle of Man willnot lead to more information being held on the UK NHS Spine.

Currently if a GP practice agrees to use the EMIS Web system, all patient records must be on this system. This means that the patient records will be held in the EMIS Web data centre. It does not mean that any other organisation can view that patient's record in EMIS Web other than the GP practice where they are registered; individual patients can opt out of sharing their record with other organisations.

The Department understands that a few patients may have reservations about their data being held in a remote environment, but this has not been an issue with the existing GP patient system (EMIS PCS) which has been held remotely from the GP Practice, within a secure Isle of Man Government IT infrastructure.


Patient Benefits


GPs on the Island feel that it is absolutely essential for GPs, along with other health care professionals where relevant, to have all patient data held on a secure IT system to ensure that the best care can be provided to patients at the appropriate time in the most appropriate place and by the most appropriate health care professional. GPs have no concerns with holding this type of data securely in the UK alongside other comparable GP practices and it is very much hoped that all patients will see this upgrade as a very positive move.

Patients currently consent to having their medical information held on the GP computer system when they choose to register with a GP for NHS Services. Clearly full NHS GP care cannot be given if a patient should choose not to register with a GP in this way, although GPs will have a duty of care to provide treatment on an emergency basis.

This upgrade will not only improve patient care from a GP perspective. The implementation of EMIS Web will also benefit patients. In the future patients can look forward to being able to:

 Access their own medical records and maintain basic information;

 Order repeat prescriptions on line;

 Book appointments on line.

All GPs are in full agreement with the upgrade to EMIS Web which they believe is in the best interests of patient care in the Isle of Man.


Patients with any concerns about this proposal should contact Annmarie Cubbon, Manager of Family Practitioner Services in the first instance. Email: Annmarie.cubbon@gov.im Telephone: (01624) 642600.


the Department of Health and Social Care

Public Information in relation to

Upgrading the GP Patient IT system



Survey Results ( posted on Mar 17, 2014 )

Many thanks to all of those who completed the survey, it is very much appreciated.


Please find attached the results of this year,s survey with an action plan, hopefully

this will help address some of the issues raised.


Once more, your views are important to us and we do take note, so again,

thank you for all your comments.



 Download results here.


 Download Action plan here

Yellow Fever ( posted on Mar 4, 2014 )

- Urgent News Release -

Yellow Fever Vaccine Update

Isle of Man Public Health Directorate is pleased to advise travellers that the yellow fever vaccine is now available.


This vaccine has been unavailable since last summer, however all three local Designated Yellow Fever Vaccine Centres are now booking appointments for those travellers requiring it. Please contact one of the three centres direct to book your appointment.


The yellow fever vaccine must be given at least 10 days prior to travel into a yellow fever area.


Yellow fever (YF) virus is an arthropod borne virus of the Flaviviridae family. Other flaviviruses include dengue and Japanese encephalitis viruses. The areas at risk for transmission of YF are in tropical regions of Africa and South America. Vaccination against YF is available and should be recorded in an International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis. The illness yellow fever carries a high mortality rate.


For more information please visit the NaTHNaC website: http://www.nathnac.org/travel/index.htm





- ENDS -

( posted on Feb 25, 2014 )

Protecting your baby against rotavirus 

For babies born on or after 1 January 2014, the Isle of Man routine childhood immunisation schedule will include a vaccine to protect babies against rotavirus infection – a common cause of diarrhoea and vomiting that can become serious


More details of this new vaccine have been added to the government website at



NewsLetter Dec 2013 Edition No:1 ( posted on Dec 17, 2013 )

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